Intellectual Property, and industrial property in specific, is essential for economic development, productivity and innovation, as it allows for the valorisation of research and development results and to differentiate products and services from market competitors, thus promoting competition and combating unfair business rivalry.

The Intellectual Property Regulation of the University of Porto (RPIUP), approved in 2005, supports the University of Porto’s perspective that intellectual property is a means of increasing the visibility, notoriety and collaboration capabilities between businesses, the University and the community.

Through the RPIUP, the University of Porto aims to enhance the value of the intellectual property generated within it and to provide its employees with access to the benefits arising from the valorisation of such knowledge.

If you are a teaching staff member, researcher, employee or agent of the University of Porto and have developed a technology for which you require support to help protect, contact U.Porto Innovation.

1st Step: Submission of invention disclosure form (available here)

2nd Step: Assisted research into the state of the art and compliance with IP protection prerequisites, namely patenteability.

3rd Step: Writing of patent text

4th Step: Patent registration


Consult the University of Porto intellectual property regulations here.