Using the Lean Start-Up approach, BIP – Business Ignition Programme – aims to build and test alternative business models for technologies developed in academia. Business models will be presented and validated on the market, promoting technology transfer and the creation of new businesses.

The programme has the following objectives:

  • Identify market opportunities for potential products / services resulting from research;
  • Address challenges/needs/problems presented by companies;
  • Provide the participants with the necessary skills for the creation of value and marketability of technologies;
  • Create new technology-based business opportunities.


Teams, made up by scientific and business elements, will have access to:

  • Immersive sessions with intensive teamwork within and between teams
  • Lectures and seminars where experienced tutors will share their experiences and strategies for the definition and validation of the business models, according to the methodologies of Business Model Canvas (developed by Alexander Osterwalder) and Customer Development (by Steve Blank).
  • Meetings with selected mentors, who will follow the evolution of teams and facilitate the validation of business models
  • Resources toolbox and funding to address their needs to develop the ideas
  • 24h/7 workspace available
  • Fast track to BIPproof funds to reach minimum viable product


More information is available on the BIP website.