The University of Porto offers a wide range of R&D and Innovation skills and resources that are available to companies and other organisations. Choosing the best way to materialise a mutually beneficial R&D and innovation partnership results from the dialogue between companies and U.Porto, and the interface between companies and the University is managed by U.Porto Innovation.

We take part in all stages of the R&D and innovation partnerships between companies and U.Porto.

Some of our clients include:

We work with companies towards new solutions for their markets and solutions for new markets

           We organize A2B sessions (Academia to Business) with companies.

We find the resources and competencies within U.Porto for companies’ R&D and innovation projects.Informamos as empresas de oportunidades de financiamento à I&D e inovação.

We inform companies of the financing opportunities for R&D and innovation.

The U.Porto community is our client:

We organize A2B sessions (Academia to Business) with researchers.

We present the work done within U.Porto to industry.

We study and estimate the commercial applicability of the results of U.Porto’s R&D.

We search for entrepreneurial partners for R&D projects.

We negotiate R&D and innovation contracts with companies.

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