Have you created something special that you believe could be marketed? If so, your invention should be protected, as this may benefit you and the University.

U.Porto Innovation provides assistance with national and international patent registration, as well as with finding market applications for inventions. We evaluate the best way to monetise the knowledge and technologies generated at the University, be it by licensing to existing businesses and new ventures, or by directly selling the inventions. If you are a teacher, researcher or University of Porto worker (or, if you simply wish to cooperate with the University), all you need to do is send us an Invention Disclosure form.


Completing and sending us the form is the first step that the inventor must take in order to begin the protection process.

The inventors must send us the following documents:

1) Invention Disclosure form:

Completed in English.

2)  Modelo 1 form.:

This document is mandatory for those who want to give up their ownership rights but still be considered the inventor. Students and other entities that had a role in the invention must complete Modelo 1.

3) Brief text (in English) describing the invention (drawings, forthcoming articles, memos)

4) Identification documents of all inventors involved, and a copy of the Fiscal Identification Number (NIF) of foreign inventors.

5)Send all documents as a zip file to: patents@reit.up.pt

If you have any questions, please contact us at +351 22 040 80 77



Next steps:

Within one week of sending the Invention Disclosure form, the inventors will receive an email with relevant information regarding their case.

After that, a meeting with the inventors will be scheduled in order to determine the patenteability of the invention. At this stage, the case manager may request further information about the technology.

The invention analysis will determine whether or not to advance with legal protection of the invention

The main criteria are:

i) Patentability;

ii) Market potential.

Reaching a decision may take up to 90 days.