This solution presents a group of substances that control a specific protein and signaling, that have a very positive effect on storage sperm quality. Moreover, it is possible to maintain sperm viability storage at room temperature as well as its motility, production of lactate and sustained sperm fertilization potential.


In the last decades, the number of individuals seeking for assisted reproduction techniques has been increasing. Sperm quality is a very important factor in the in vitro fertilization laboratory since male infertility accounts for up to 30% of the infertility cases and treatment options are mainly based on sperm-quality improvement techniques. In addition, sperm cryopreservation and refrigeration are associated with a rapid decline in sperm quality.


The sperm motility and viability increases, while sustaining the metabolic rates, without changing its fertilization potential (capacitation) and DNA integrity. This find is great to aid in the treatment of infertility and to increase sperm quality after storage at room/body temperature. In addition, it will allow improving the available sperm storage media.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

This solution can be applied in several fields of reproductive biology.


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