Sprelive is a functional spreadable vegetable cream whose formulation is based on olive oil and an olive-derived functional ingredient (OFI) obtained from raw olive pomace by an eco-friendly and chemical-free procedure. This ingredient is characterized by a high content of water-soluble phenolic compounds such as hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol and a lipid phase with a fatty acid profile similar to olive oil. Sprelive is a solution to the rising demand for healthy and sustainable products.


Olive oil is widely consumed and appreciated in the Mediterranean countries and around the world from ancient times. Furthermore, olive oil has a high socio-economic impact in producer countries. The olive oil demand and the production are steadily increasing not only in countries traditionally associated to its production (Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece) but also in other countries outside of Europe, such as USA and China. Along with the growth of this agro-industry sector, high rate of wastes are produced. Olive pomace, a solid residue resultant from the olive oil processing, has high water and oil contents (≈70 and 4%, respectively) varying accordingly to the plant variety, edafoclimatic conditions, and olive oil processing methodologies. Olive pomace is phytotoxic due to its high amount of phenolic compounds and it is an environmental burden. As the production of olive oil is increasing, the olive pomace discharge is also escalating. According to Mintel Food & Beverages Trends for 2017, there is a changing attitude toward wastes. More attention will be given to innovative products that include edible food wastes that were previously discarded.


Sprelive may present health benefits related to the phenolic compounds from OFI. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claimed that the daily consumption of 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and derivatives could protect low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles from oxidative damage. In addition, the vegetable cream is composed by 60 to 80% of olive oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), whose beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease risk is well known. Sprelive is also a lactose-free product, which means that is suitable to vegetarian and vegan consumers.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Food industry, namely olive oil producers wishing to increase their product portfolio and manufacturers of vegetable and spreadable creams.