This invention relates to an electrolytic gel for EEG recording, which can be applied into the electrode cavities of common EEG caps. The product forms a solid hydrogel shortly after application. When the cap is taken off, the hydrogel either remains inside the electrode cavities or breaks into small pieces and is thus easily removed. The new formulation will contribute to make EEG easier, faster and more comfortable to the patients.


EEG has been used for the investigation of pathophysiological conditions of the human brain, but also extended to non-clinical applications. Silver/silver-chloride electrodes (Ag/AgCl), used together with  with an electrolytic gel, have been the gold standard for EEG acquisition. Though, the gels are a source of many problems, as a non-negligible risk of electrode short-circuits exists, particularly in high density EEG. Furthermore, the gel strongly sticks to the hair and scalp and the patient is forced to thoroughly wash the hair after the exam.  The need for a more expeditious EEG system, combining the performance of the actual Ag/AgCl electrodes with electrolytic gel with a faster and easier application protocol, has translated into a high number of technical solutions. 


This product may be applied with a syringe into the electrode cavities of many commercial EEG cap systems and it allows for a faster and easier cleaning of the scalp after the recordings. On the technical side, its semi-solid nature substantially reduces the risks of electrodes short-circuiting due to gel running, hence increasing EEG data reliability and higher mechanical stability of the electrodes, particularly in high density. In addition, the isotonic salt concentration and the use of mild, dermatologically approved skin hydration agents, make this gel suitable for sensitive skins and allergy prone patients.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Non-invasive EEG imagiology. 


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