The BodyGrip device permits to measure compression and traction forces and their associated expended energy. It allows to directly measure the handgrip strength and, substituting specific accessories for its handles, it also allows to measure forces of one or  several muscular individual groups. The force measurement, its time evolution, the expended energy and the associated average and instantaneous power, together with its multi-functionality supports its novelty. Due to its large range of applications the technology has been named BodyGrip.


Main patent literature in the field of instruments to assess strength force, particularly of the hand, are related to the use of two platforms or handles that can be moved together with parts of the human hand, for example, a thumb and finger, by supporting a movable handle relative to a base or reference handle through a flexure system which deforms predictably under shear loading as the handles or platforms are moved together.


This product was designed to be a very precise, multifunctional and lightweight load sensor instrument to measure the human hand strength force, possibly used in other parts of the human body (chest, neck, legs), always with the same aim.

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