EIT Health Hub U. Porto has already selected the final projects for de Innovation Support Programme (PAI). 20 applications were approved, with innovative ideas of products and services concerning healthcare, from software for an earlier and more effective breast cancer diagnosis, to vascular grafts.

Amongst all the approved applications, eight are in an early stage of development and so, under this programme, they will be verified and validated through several aids, such as mentorship oh the specialist areas, prototype construction, market viability studies, and tests with end-users.

These projects’ ideas encompass the creation of apps that allow the monitorization of multiple sclerosis patients, games to help the clinical support of anorexic teenagers, devices that manage the bipolar disease, the impact of apps on people with diabetes type 1, early diagnosis of breast cancer and melanoma, development of nanoparticles for dentistry, and apps that measure and prevent elderly fragility.

Twelve other projects that are in a more advanced phase were also selected and will benefit from logistical and financial support, up to 4.000€, for the production of a product prototype of implementation of a pilot service, besides support on market validation.

Those projects are:

CyanoCare – cyanobacteria products for the protection and regeneration of skin;

GoGraft – innovative vascular graft;

Sense4Med – cellular therapy for joints injuries;

TexTeLi – textile structure to fix tendons and ligaments;

BioGadgets – microbial solutions library;

MAMMO|3D – 3D mamographies images;

BBIT20 – trials on a molecule that helps fighting breast and ovary cancer;

EvolOva – new evaluation tool on women's reproductive function;

GRIPWISE: FRÁGIL – device that evaluates elderly fragility;

Otitest – thermometer that detects otitis;

LIPOWISE: MÃES – adipometer for pregnant women;

Games to Learn – a serious game about the rational usage of medicines.

Work has begun on October 1st and the first results will arise by the end of 2020.

Next year, PAI will open new applications opportunities to strengthen the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, by providing tools that allow both individuals and companies to increase the success of innovative solutions implementation.