The technology provides high quality transmission of delay sensitive data to multiple receivers over a wireless local network.


Current solutions for delay sensitive data delivery over wireless local networks are designed to satisfy the request of a single receiver. The multiple receiver case is typically solved using multiple single receiver sessions, which results in high delay experienced by each receiver. This technological approach does not make use of the broadcast nature of the wireless medium (where each transmission can be overheard by several receivers). It makes use of this property to allow each transmission to be simultaneously useful to several receivers. 


The developed coding architecture is based on the use of feedback information provided by the multiple receivers to make coding decisions that allow nodes to rapidly recover missing packets, while ensuring an efficient use of the wireless medium. This leads to a significant improvement in the delay performance experienced by each receiver, since it increases the number of information packets that reach the receivers on time. The technology has been implemented in standard 802.11 wireless networks as platform to support the transmission of delay sensitive data, for instance live video streams, to multiple receivers. It is thus natural to claim that the technology can be easily deployed as a service over current wireless networks technologies.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

Several uses within the wireless communication field: wireless real-time communication in a multi-user setting, wireless home communication, TV/broadband, wireless mobile communication.