This solution has the potential to improve the efficacy of stem cell-based musculoskeletal tissue regeneration through the combination of two active compounds in one single administration as well as the efficiency of such treatment due to an increased number of viable cells.


Presently, there is two currents of thoughts about the way that mesenchymal stem cells exert their regenerative/therapeutic effect: i) cells replace damaged cells in the tissue by a mechanism involving migration, homing and final differentiation into novel and integrated functional cells; and ii) mesenchymal stem cells exert their beneficial activity through a paracrine mechanism, i.e. they home to inflammatory sites and secret trophic factors that induce host endogenous regenerative pathways. This solution approach takes advantage of both simultaneously, with cumulative positive effects.


The possibility to generate off-the-shelf systems, readily available to be delivered and administered taking advantage of the early and most appropriated window of clinical opportunity, is presented in this solution. Additionally, it has an important advantage allowing to increase cell viability within the formulation through time, at 4 ºC and room temperature when compared to current formulation protocols, such as autologous serum, making possible to prolong the survival of a cell dosage e.g. for 48 hours at room temperature, without significance loss of cell viability. These benefits enlarge the beneficiaries for the administration of the therapy as practitioners of smaller and/or ambulatory clinics.

Potential comercial use/applications: 

This solution presents high potential applications in sports medicine (both human and animal athletes). Overall, it can be applied in the general population from young to elderly patients as well as in patients submitted to chronic pharmacological treatments.


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