1. Invention Name
2. Technological Domain

Technological Domain (Please suggest 3-10 keywords that someone in your field or in industry will use to search for your invention)

Note: Try a Keyword Search at http://worldwide.espacenet.com/, do you find any patents similar to yours? If so, attach these documents.
3. Inventor(s) Information

List all persons who directly contributed to the development of the invention. Indicate first the inventor responsible for communicating the invention, in accordance to the U.Porto Intellectual Property Regulation, Article 12 clause 9. All correspondence with, and questions for, the inventors will be addressed to the responsible inventor. Replicate the table below to as many inventors as needed.

Responsible Inventor
Inventor(s) Information inventor
Inventor(s) Information
4. Funding

List here more information about the funding obtained: ies the names of all government or industrial funding sponsors/partners, the corresponding contract or grant number(s), as well as the duration of project, amounts funded and for what purpose:

If YES, please provide copy of funding document's requirements.
A dimensão dos ficheiros deve ser inferior a 200 MB.
Tipos de ficheiros permitidos: txt rar doc docx pdf.

4.2. Third-Party Technologies

If YES, provide copy of relevant documents.
A dimensão dos ficheiros deve ser inferior a 200 MB.
Tipos de ficheiros permitidos: txt doc docx pdf jpg.

4.3. Consortium Agreement

If YES, provide copy of relevant documents.
A dimensão dos ficheiros deve ser inferior a 200 MB.
Tipos de ficheiros permitidos: txt pdf doc docx jpg.
5. Technology/Invention Description

Briefly summarize the nature and function of the invention. The description should include the design, the principles involved and the details of operation. Sketches, drawings, photos, reports, copies of draft publication(s) or relevant proposal(s) will all be helpful.

5.1. Please provide a short, CONFIDENTIAL abstract describing your invention. This abstract should describe the advantages (faster, cheaper, stronger, etc.) of your invention

5.2.  Please provide a short, NON-confidential abstract describing your invention. This abstract should only include information that can be divulged to end users and companies during the evaluation process. 

5.5.  What problem(s) does it solves, and advantages/disadvantages over existing technologies? Any comparative studies should be included. 

5.6.  What is the specific utility in the marketplace, what market need does it solve? Are there potential commercial interests? (Refer the market segments in which the technology could be applied). 

5.7.  Indicate, if possible, who the competitors are within the market segment, as well as similar products/services already in the market. 

5.8.  What do you see as the greatest commercial barriers to the adoption of the technology/invention by the market? Are there limitations to be overcome or other tasks to be completed prior to practical application? 

5.10. Describe the current stage of development of the invention. What further research and development is necessary? What Proof of Concept data have you collected for the technology (please attach this data)? 

6. Prior Disclosures

Date of public disclosures, oral or written. List the names of any proposals, conferences, society meetings, thesis/dissertations, abstracts/poster presentations in which the invention was described. Also list any persons or groups to which the invention was presented at other meetings. 

6.1. Publications. List the date and citation (e.g. journal, magazine, book, web site) of any publicly available articles, abstracts or theses that describe the invention or the technology. Copies of all such documents that have been or will be published are needed and compulsory. 

7. Further Research

List any companies, specific individuals and their contacts, which may be interested in licensing the technology or sponsoring further research. UPIN may use these contacts for marketing the technology. 

8. Recommendations & Awards

Are there any documents stating a positive opinion/evaluation of this technology/research (i.e. comments on known prior art, operability and commercial aspects). 

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